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Pixie Monroe™ is central to special event planning and on-location shooting. Whether you want to hold a swanky launch party in the Hollywood Hills or a paparazzi-filled red carpet event, Pixie Monroe™will make your vision coming to life. Also available for an on-location shooting is a stunning rambler-style property with modern décor and a dazzling view in Ventura County.

Monroe Casting®

The Monroe Casting®family is growing! Not only does Monroe Casting® remain a trusted expert in talent casting and coaching, but it also can do so much more! Four new brands under the Monroe Casting umbrella offer a comprehensive set of services and products for entertainment professionals.

Pixie’s World™

After a long day of filming, auditioning, or being stuck in LA traffic, Pixie’s World™is the perfect way to connect with others in the entertainment industry and let your creativity flow! Pixie’s World™is an interactive platform that lets YOU submit your art documenting your day-to-day life in the industry. Together, we can laugh about the quirks of our crafts, inspire each other, and feel more empowered.

Casting Comfies™

To help you unwind after a busy day in your Hollywood life, Casting Comfies™, the apparel and gift section of Monroe Casting®, are now available! Currently in our shop are ultra-comfortable Casting Comfies™, pajamas featuring the Monroe Casting® logo and an inspirational saying (varies by color). You’ll be able to relax in style and gift them to your favorite actors! Even better, if you have an idea for a slogan for a new pair of Casting Comfies™, you can submit them for consideration. If accepted, you’ll get a free pair featuring your design!

Monroe Casting ™is committed not just to producing quality work, but to helping others and creating a better world, and that’s where Casting Hope™comes in. This charitable organization is a consulting service focused on connecting organizations with those who need their services. From organizing fundraising events to highlighting the everyday heroes who selflessly give back, Casting Hope™is always ready to lend a helping hand!

From casting to special events and on-location shooting, creative platforms, clothing lines, and charity work—Monroe Casting® does it all!

About Pixie

Pixie Monroe™ is the high-energy founder and CEO of Monroe Casting and Production Services, Inc.® Under her knowledgeable eye, she has overseen casting for everything from high-impact blockbusters to modest, independent productions.

Pixie got her start as an associate, working on industry heavy hitters, including Disney’s Tuck Everlasting, Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report, and Fox Television’s America’s Most Wanted. From these experiences, Pixie learned the business and the players. She took this knowledge to open her own successful casting agency, Monroe Casting, and has loved every minute of it!

She is actively involved in a variety of industry organizations, including the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Local #399 Casting Directors Union, Entertainment Industries Council (PRISM AWARDS), and Commercial Casting Directors Association.

Pixie also served on the Board of Directors for the Alliance of Women in Media (now the Alliance for Women in Media South California), bringing her enthusiasm and distinctive vision to the Board. Respected industry-wide for her eye for quality and experience, Pixie has served as a distinguished judge for the Blue Ribbon Daytime Emmy Awards and the Directing Change Contest for California high school students.

She especially enjoys working with up and coming youth all over the world as an industry mentor and talent judge. For over a decade, Pixie has served as the National Casting Workshop Coordinator and a pageant judge with National American Miss National Pageants. She has also provided career guidance and leadership for many of America’s young pageant participants, spokespersons, actors, and national representatives.

Coming from a military family, Veteran’s Affairs are a cause close to Pixie’s heart. She has served as the military liaison to the Entertainment Industries Council and Got Your Six organizations. Pixie was selected for Leeza Gibbons’ launch team for her two New York Times Best Sellers Take-Two and Fierce Optimism. Her most recent projects include music videos for Chloe X Halle’s song “Warrior,” which was featured on the soundtrack for A Wrinkle in Time, and music artist Kim Kline’s anti-bullying video, STAND TALL.

Pixie has grown the
Monroe Casting parent brand to include:

Pixie Monroe™ — exciting special events and locations for production filming.

Casting Hope™ — Monroe Casting’s charitable organization that specializes in connecting organizations with those in need.

Pixie’s World™ — an interactive and creative platform for entertainment professionals to document their experiences in Hollywood, laugh at life’s curveballs, and see the world from a new perspective.

Casting Comfies™ — the official Monroe Casting apparel and gift line.

Pixie’s infectious personality, kind heart, and sheer enthusiasm have not only made her a beloved casting director, but an entertainment professional of the highest caliber.

Red Carpet Event Planning

Pixie Monroe™is the premier in providing a wide range of entertainment services, including special event planning and hosting, as well as theater productions. Whether you want to hold a swanky launch party in the Hollywood Hills, or a paparazzi-filled red carpet event, Pixie Monroe™will make your vision coming to life.

Red Carpet Arrival

Fresh & Diverse Platters

Theme Decorations

Pixie Monroe Property

Are you looking for a beautiful, inviting home to use in your next film, commercial, television spot, or advertising? This stunning home in Ventura County will make for the perfect on-location shoot!

A rambler-style property, this home is spacious and airy, with plenty of natural light and clean lines. Each room has been newly renovated to reflect a modern, Instagram-worthy look. The kitchen includes white cabinets, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances. Five bedrooms and four bathrooms, a recreation room, and several living areas will give you plenty of options to suit the style of your shoot as well as fit your entire production crew!

The crowning glory of this home is the backyard, with it’s spectacular panoramic views, built-in pool/hot tub, and fountain—all of which creates a literal oasis by day, and LA hotspot by night. The covered patio is the perfect setting for entertaining with stylish seating and a grill. A rose garden and cedar swing brings nature’s charm to the land, and creates a lovely backdrop for the home.

This warm and inviting property is located on a cul de sac, with an ideal entryway and driveway for exterior shots.

If you would like a closer look at the Pixie Monroe House please click the button below to see the property video and gallery.

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If you have questions about any of Pixie’s services, properties or websites please use the info below to contact her.

PO Box 2041 Thousand Oaks, Ca 91358

+1 818-640-4770

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