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Pixie Monroe™ is central to special event planning and on-location shooting. Whether you want to hold a swanky launch party in the Hollywood Hills or a paparazzi-filled red carpet event, Pixie Monroe™will make your vision coming to life. Also available for an on-location shooting is a stunning rambler-style property with modern décor and a dazzling view in Ventura County.

Monroe Casting®

The Monroe Casting®family is growing! Not only does Monroe Casting® remain a trusted expert in talent casting and coaching, but it also can do so much more! Four new brands under the Monroe Casting umbrella offer a comprehensive set of services and products for entertainment professionals.

Casting Comfies™

To help you unwind after a busy day in your Hollywood life, Casting Comfies™, the apparel and gift section of Monroe Casting®, are now available! Currently in our shop are ultra-comfortable Casting Comfies™, pajamas featuring the Monroe Casting® logo and an inspirational saying (varies by color). You’ll be able to relax in style and gift them to your favorite actors! Even better, if you have an idea for a slogan for a new pair of Casting Comfies™, you can submit them for consideration. If accepted, you’ll get a free pair featuring your design!

Pixie’s World™

After a long day of filming, auditioning, or being stuck in LA traffic, Pixie’s World™is the perfect way to connect with others in the entertainment industry and let your creativity flow! Pixie’s World™is an interactive platform that lets YOU submit your art documenting your day-to-day life in the industry. Together, we can laugh about the quirks of our crafts, inspire each other, and feel more empowered.

Casting Hope™

Pixie Monroe™is committed not just to producing quality work, but to helping others and creating a better world, and that’s where Casting Hope™comes in. This charitable organization is a consulting service focused on connecting organizations with those who need their services. From organizing fundraising events to highlighting the everyday heroes who selflessly give back, Casting Hope™is always ready to lend a helping hand!

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